Repro 600AX / Dura Ace AX Brake lever hoods – Gum


Brand new aftermarket replacement hoods to fit the Shimano 600AX and Dura Ace AX brake levers.

Extremely rare and hard to find as NOS (new old stock), almost impossible to find in fact and if you do they will likely be in the gum colour only (and very expensive too).

These replacement hoods are cost effective and accurate visually, they are a perfect fit and faithful to the originals.

Before ordering, please note the following:

  • These are repro parts and amateur made on a hobby basis – they are not a fully commercial product
  • Each pair are unique, with plenty of fault, imperfections in the mouldings
  • Each pair is colour mixed as a pair (so right and left are uniform in colour), however each pair are unique from the next
  • They are priced to be affordable, so please if you are looking for perfection you will be disappointed!
  • If you think you can do better, please do! I will gladly line up and by them if they are affordable – I’ve collected AX stuff on an off for 20 years, and to my knowledge very few people have bothered to make these, especially in blue or white.
  • Happy to ship worldwide, but please read the above and look at the photos – I’m hoping that if you are genuinely interested in buying these you appreciate that it has been a labor of love to produce these and its bit of a ‘punt’ so no refunds if not happy, I’m not looking for a product review etc.

I’ve had a lot of requests to commercialise and scale up production with a perfect product, this is not financial viable if you are looking to provide these hoods at sensible prices!

If you are here and all the hoods are sold out, please feel free to contact me and I will keep a list of enquires and may produce more.