3D scan files of NOS Shimano Aero AX Hoods (professional .STL files)


These are ‘.STL’ files, digital 3d models of New Old Stock original Shimano AX hoods.

Professionally scanned by a specialist that works with high-end engineering firms (F1, aerospace).
I had these made to explore the potential to 3D print hoods.

As far as I know, it is not currently possible to print a hood in suitable material to use directly.

However, you can use these files to make ‘plugs’ to create moulds.  Of course, as technology develops or if you have access to suitable equipment, you can use the files as a basis for other methods of manufacture.

The files are very large and sent via file-sharing services.
No guarantee given for the files, or any products made from them – please treat this as experimental work.

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