Aero AX cycling caps (pair) – Aerodynamics / Dura Ace AX designs


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Brand new, unique – Aero AX designs.

Non-official product (never-made, unicorn parts.  Reproduction items)

1x Grey cap, this is based on the brochure pictures that show the official Shimano launch stand and various rare aerodynamics range marketing material.  This cap is based on what you can see in the photo.

1x Blue cap, this is based on a very rare Dura-Ace AX promotional cap of the era that is impossible to find. ┬áThis version is ‘inspired by’ and is a lighter and brighter blue than the original (more like 600AX colouring)

Only 12 of each cap design will ever be made, with further designs to follow.

Excellent quality caps, hand made and the design is a versatile ‘one size fits all’ with a comfortable elasticated fit.
Whilst of course totally functionally and 100% useable, they are made as a collectable item and will be a rarity in their own right.

A collectable item made for the Facebook enthusiasts group.

Sold as a pair, one of each design.